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Turkeyen & Tain Talks 21

“Green Building for Resilient Future Cities”

Date: Wednesday, 2019  |  Venue: Pegasus Hotel, Kingston | Time: 18:00 - 20:00 hrs

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Turkeyen & Tain Talks               21 Speakers 

Dr. Patrick Chesney, Consultant, Horticulture and Agroforestry Specialist - General Climatic Context and Guyanese Considerations which require attention to building and infrastructure;


Dr. Anna Perreira, Coordinator, GREEN Institute,

 University of Guyana - Architectural Considerations in Building for Guyana in the Future;


Dr. Jose Lobo, Professor School of Sustainability, 

Arizona State University - Resilient Cities, some considerations 

for Guyana; 


Dr. Norman Munroe, Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, College of Engineering and Computing (CEC), Florida International University - Climate Considerations and the Future of Materials in Building and Infrastructure and


Ms. Renee Reynolds, Architect, 

Ministry of Public Infrastructure - Thoughts on  Building  for Guyana’s Future, perspective from a young architect

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About Us

What is Turkeyen/Tain Talks?

Turkeyen Talks/Tain Talks are intended to be bi-monthly thought fora with the following three aims; to:

  • Facilitate informed and respectful discourse on matters of public interest that have significant national, regional or international implications;

  • Enable the university to serve as a public intellectual broker, allowing the academic, civic, business, diplomatic, and other communities to listen to and learn from each other;

  • Offer meaningful evidence-based and policy-relevant engagement between UG students, lecturers, researchers, and alumni, on the one hand, and the public and private sectors and the international community, on the other.

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